In 2012, the Safe Food for Canadians Act was passed into law. The Act requires an audit to ensure Canadian Food Inspection Agency resources are adequate to oversee industry and enforce safety requirements.

BUT…4 years later the Act and the audit it requires is still in limbo and may not see the light of day for a decade after Parliament first called for it.  The audit is critical but unfinished food safety business.

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The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health seeks clarification from the CFIA after the Agriculture Union disputes assurances given to the Committee by an Agency spokesperson about the frequency of meat inspection in Northern Alberta

Research shows most CFIA programs are currently short staffed approximately 30%. A survey of frontline inspectors that was characterized by the CFIA witness as an “overstatement” found that more than half (55%) describe the current complement of inspection staff in their immediate work group as “inadequate to complete all tasks needed to ensure compliance with food safety requirements”.

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