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CFIA document shows meat inspection cut in Northern Alberta

Health Minister Rona Ambrose believes the federal meat inspectors union is "irresponsible" and "inaccurate" when it says meat inspection has been reduced in Northern Alberta meat plants because of an inspector shortage. But, an internal document from the Canadian Food...

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6 Canadians sickened by E. coli linked to romaine lettuce

Public Health Agency of Canada says 2 of the 6 Canadians reported travelling to U.S. before falling ill CBC News A total of six people in Canada have been sickened by E. coli linked to contaminated romaine lettuce, the Public Health Agency of Canada says. The Canadian...

Alberta meat retailers struggling amid E. coli outbreak

CTV News As the number of Alberta residents sickened by pork tainted with E. coli rises, many of the butcher shops caught up in the ensuing recall say their businesses’ reputations have been damaged. Since the outbreak began in late March, 40 cases of E. coli...

Why E. coli keeps getting into our lettuce

Outbreaks are rare, but research suggests leafy greens cause roughly a fifth of all food-borne illnesses. Caitlin Dewey - The Washington Post Consumers have grown to love convenience salads, from tubs of pre-washed baby spinach to bags of chopped romaine. There’s only...

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