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Lax border control leaves Niagara producers vulnerable

Niagara Falls, ON– Two of the four major land crossings from the US into Canada in the Niagara Region are unattended by inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, leaving agricultural producers in the region wide open to pests and diseases that could devastate the industry and threaten Canada’s bio-security.

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2 B.C. oyster farms closed after norovirus outbreak

40 cases of gastrointestinal disease linked to eating the shellfish raw CBC News Two B.C. Vancouver Island oyster farms have been closed following an outbreak of norovirus associated with eating the raw shellfish. The B.C. Centre for Disease Control says about 40...

More traceability rules coming

Barbara Duckworth & Barb Glen - The Western Producer The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is expected to release new rules governing animal movement this fall. These regulations are part of the Canadian livestock traceability strategy that covers animal and premise...

Canadians confounded by food recalls

Bill Spur - The Chronicle Herald A study released Thursday on the efficiency of food recalls shows confusion among Canadians, says the lead author. Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, a professor of food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University, says the survey done in...

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